S & K Custom Clothing - for your custom clothing needs.

Custom Clothing made to fit you

Want a unique, handmade shirt or dress, but don't have an idea of exactly what you want? Let our designer Shawn make a one-of-a-kind clothing item just for you, that you will be happy to wear anywhere.

Interested in being a Model? Start or build on to your portfolio today, no experience required!
When you model for us you get custom made one of a kind clothing by our designer, Shawn S.

The clothing our designer has made for specific models can be seen in the menu at the top of the page under the model's name.

Meet The Team

S & K Custom Clothing President and Designer - Shawn S.

President / Designer

Shawn S.

The Face of S & K Custom Clothing is Ava

The Face of S & K Custom Clothing


Photographers S & K Custom Clothing works with

Photographers we work with

D. Schram Photography